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    66<h2>What's Parsix GNU/Linux?</h2> Parsix GNU/Linux is a live and installation DVD based on Debian. Our goal is to provide a ready to use, easy to install, desktop and laptop optimized operating system based on Debian's testing branch and the latest stable release of GNOME desktop environment. Also it is possible to install extra software packages from our APT repositories.
     8We started to name our releases after characters of the movie <a target="_blank" href="">Happy Feet</a> since version 0.90 released on June 17, 2007 codename "Barry".
    89<h2>What You Get?</h2>
    1213<img style="float:left; padding:8px;" src=""><br>Security and bug fix updates around the corner. We follow Debian Security Advisories closely and provide you security updated packages on all of our software repositories as fast as we can. We have a dedicated security software repository.<br style="clear:both;">
    1314<img style="float:left; padding:8px;" src=""><br>We have four software repositories enabled by default. Official repositories contain packages maintained by our project and built on our build servers. Continent repository is a snapshot of Debian testing branch. Wonderland repository which contains multimedia related software packages, is a snapshot of Debian Multimedia repositories. Security repository contains security updates maintained by project.<br style="clear:both;">
     15<img style="float:left; padding:8px;" src=""><br>Community support. You can use our community user forums and <a target="_blank" href="">mailing lists</a> to get support if you have any issues or questions. Project developers are also active forum members and can help you resolve your issues more quickly.<br style="clear:both;">
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    1620<br style="clear:both;"><h2>Download</h2>
    17 <img style="float:left; padding:8px;" src=""><br><b>Current Stable Version:</b> <a href=/wiki/ReleaseNotes36r1>3.6r1 (Vinnie)</a><br><br><b>Download:</b> <a href=>32 bit edition</a> (DVD ISO, 875MB, <a href=>MD5</a>)&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href=>64 bit edition</a> (DVD ISO, 882MB, <a href=>MD5</a>)
    18 </div>
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     21<img style="float:left; padding:8px; padding-bottom:30px;" src=""><br><b>Current Stable Version:</b> <a href=/wiki/ReleaseNotes36r1>3.6r1 (Vinnie)</a><br><br><a href=>32 bit edition</a> (DVD ISO, 875MB, <a href=>MD5</a>)<br><br><a href=>64 bit edition</a> (DVD ISO, 882MB, <a href=>MD5</a>)
     23<h2>Getting Involved</h2>You don't need to be a programmer or professional user to help us make Parsix better. Reporting issues, hardware incompatibilities and testing beta and testing versions would be a great help and is really appreciated.<br><br>
     24<img style="float:left; padding:8px;" src=""><br>Reporting issues you see, missing hardware support or driver incompatibilities and anything you think is not normal, is a great help. It will make big role on discovering unknown bugs and problems and solving them will improve the overall quality of what you use. Feel free to use our <a href="/report/1">bug tracking</a> system to report issues.<br style="clear:both;">
     25<img style="float:left; padding:8px;" src=""><br>If you are familiar with Debian packaging system and are interested in getting involved in the project, you can join us! All you need to do is send an email to the project leader at alan AT parsix DOT org<br style="clear:both;">
     26<img style="float:left; padding:8px;" src=""><br>Truth be told, most of developers hate documenting! Documentation is an area of our project that we always need help for it. All of our major documentation is already outdated and needs to be updated. You also can help us to port existing Wiki content from our <a href="">old website</a> to this new system.
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