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     4== Welcome to Parsix GNU/Linux 8.15-TEST-2 Release Notes ==
     5Parsix GNU/Linux is a live and installation DVD based on Debian. Our goal is to provide a ready to use and easy to install desktop and laptop optimized operating system based on Debian's stable branch and the latest stable release of GNOME desktop environment. Users can easily install extra software packages from Parsix APT repositories. Our annual release cycle consists of two major and four minor versions. We have our own software repositories and build servers to build and provide all the necessary updates and missing features in Debian stable branch.
     7== What's New in 8.15? ==
     8Parsix GNU/Linux 8.15 (code name `Nev`) ships with stable GNOME 3.22 desktop environment and an updated kernel. This version has been synchronized with Debian Jessie repositories as of November 27 2016. Parsix Nev ships with !LibreOffice 4.3.3 productivity suit by default. Highlights: GNOME Shell 3.22.2, GRUB 2, Firefox 50.0, GParted 0.19.0, Empathy 3.12.12, !LibreOffice 4.3.3, !VirtualBox 4.3.36 and an updated kernel based on Linux 4.4.35 with !TuxOnIce, BFS and other extra patches. Live DVD has been compressed using SquashFS and XZ.
     10== Updated Packages ==
     11Main changes are:
     13 * Linux 4.4.35
     14 * GNOME Shell 3.22.2
     15 * Xserver-X.Org 1.16.4
     16 * Firefox 50.0
     17 * Chromium Browser 53.0
     18 * !LibreOffice 4.3.3
     19 * Glibc 2.19
     20 * GParted 0.19.0
     21 * Empathy 3.12.12
     22 * GIMP 2.8.14
     23 * Grisbi 1.0.1
     24 * !VirtualBox 4.3.36
     25 * VLC 2.2.1
     27== Other Notable Changes in 8.15 ==
     28 * Artwork, based on [ Metal X Shell Theme] by justviper, [ Getting Sandy at Matador Beach] photo by Hannah Katalbas, [ Faience icon theme] by tiheum.
     29 * Updated Adobe flash player to (for 32 and 64 bit).
     31== Note for nVidia and ATI/AMD Users ==
     32You can download and install nVidia (340.96) and ATI/AMD (15.12) precompiled drivers and kernel modules from the APT repository. If you are using an ATI/AMD graphic chip and have stability issues with GNOME Shell, use the non-free drivers. nVidia-legacy 173xx and 96xx series cards are not supported anymore and, users of those cards should switch to Nouveau open source driver. nVidia 304xx series cards also became legacy and precompiled drivers and kernel modules (304.131) are avaialble to download from our APT repository. For more information, please see [wiki:AtiHowto ATI Drivers Howto] and [wiki:NvidiaHowto Nvidia Drivers HowTo].
     34== UEFI Boot ==
     35Our 64 bit edition supports UEFI boot and installation.
     37== Parsix Software Repositories ==
     38Parsix GNU/Linux has four main software repositories:
     40 * ''Official'': This repository contains packages officially maintained and built by the project
     41 * ''Continent'': This repository is a snapshot of Debian stable branch except packages covered by official repository
     42 * ''Wonderland'': This repository is a snapshot of Debian Multimedia repository
     43 * ''Security'': All security updates are being uploaded to this repository
     45For Parsix nev, your default /etc/apt/sources.list file should look like this:
     48# Parsix
     49deb nev main contrib non-free
     50deb-src nev main contrib non-free
     52deb nev main contrib non-free
     53deb-src nev main contrib non-free
     55deb nev main non-free
     56deb-src nev main non-free
     58deb nev main contrib non-free
     59deb-src nev main contrib non-free
     61You can also use our secondary APT repositories at (Syncs every 12 hours):
     64# Parsix
     65deb nev main contrib non-free
     66deb-src nev main contrib non-free
     68deb nev main contrib non-free
     69deb-src nev main contrib non-free
     71deb nev main non-free
     72deb-src nev main non-free
     74deb nev main non-free
     75deb-src nev main non-free
     77== Updating Existing Installations ==
     78It is possible to use apt-get dist-upgrade to upgrade existing version 8.10 installations. Please make sure your 8.10 installation is fully updated before upgrading to 8.15. For older versions, run the installer in update mode to upgrade.