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=====Welcome to Parsix GNU/Linux 3.0r0 Release Notes=====

Parsix GNU/Linux is a distribution designed for desktop and laptop computers but can be used as a live CD too. Parsix GNU/Linux is based on Debian testing branch and has been derived from KANOTIX. Parsix GNU/Linux contains the most common applications for desktop/laptop users and always ships the most recent stable GNOME desktop.

=====What's New in 3.0r0?=====

Parsix GNU/Linux 3.0r0 (code name Kev) is synchronized with Parsix and Debian testing repositories as of September 26, 2009. This version uses a brand new kernel based on Linux with many extra patches and drivers, NetworkManager? is now the default networking stack, finally the new Parsix-Installer 0.90.1 that supports separate /home partition, GRUB 2 and ext4 file system as the default installation filesystem is also included, brand new update-manager package, SquashFS+Lzma live CD compression version 3.4, Aufs and UnionFS unification file systems for live CD mode, several bugs have been fixed and hundreds of packages have been updated. The new GRUB 2 boot loader can detect all installed operating systems on your computer and new X.Org 7.4 brings a lot of improvements and updated drivers and supports automatic settings without configuration file. Highlights: GNOME 2.26.3, X.Org 7.4, GRUB 2, GNU Iceweasel 3.5.3, GParted 0.4.6, Pidgin 2.6.2 and OpenOffice?.org 3.1.1, Compiz-Fusion 0.8.2, VirtualBox?-OSE 3.0.6.

Note: Due to vast amount of changes and new default features in this version, its highly recommended to do a CD-ROM update mode installation to update existing systems.

====Updated Packages==== Main changes are:

  • Linux
  • GNOME 2.26.3
  • Xserver-xorg 1.6.3
  • GNU Iceweasel 3.5.3
  • OpenOffice?.org 3.1.1
  • Glibc 2.9
  • SquashFS+Lzma 3.4
  • GParted 0.4.6
  • Pidgin 2.6.2
  • GIMP 2.6.7
  • CompizFusion? 0.8.2
  • Synaptic 0.62.7
  • VirtualBox?-OSE 3.0.6
  • Exaile 0.2.14
  • VLC 1.0.1
  • xFarDic 0.11.7

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=====Other Notable Changes in 3.0=====

=====Note for nVidia/ATI Users=====

Now it's possible to install ATI and nVidia drivers and kernel modules from the Viola APT repository. For more information, please see ATI Drivers Howto and Nvidia Drivers HowTo.

=====X.Org 7.4 Changes=====

Parsix 3.0 ships a brand new X Server with a lot of improvmenets and updated drivers. Please consider the following notes:

  • From now on, we depend on X.Org's new autodetect - zero config file feature and the default /etc/X11/xorg.conf file will be empty. Parsix boot scripts still generate the traditional xorg.conf file with the new name of xorg.conf.parsix.generated in the same old /etc/X11 folder. If for a reason, X.Org autodetection fails on your system and you need to revert back to the original old state, just rename that file to xorg.conf and restart your GDM or X Server.
  • A new boot code named xorg has been implemented to boot using traditional xorg.conf file if the X automatic detection system is not working well with your system.
  • If you are upgrading using apt-get, X Server / GDM might fail with an error. Please run the following command with root privileges to fix it:

%%(bash) $ ln -s /usr/bin/X11 /usr/X11R6/bin %%

=====GRUB 2 Migration=====

All Parsix releases prior to Parsix Kev Test-2 are using GRUB 1 as their default boot loader. This boot loader will not be supported for Kev. To migrate to GRUB 2, please read this forum post.

=====Known Issues=====

  • GNOME Screensaver is not working correctly. Temporary workaround is to kill all existing GNOME screen saver processes and run it again and this fix lasts only for the current session.

=====Important Notice About Parsix Repositories=====

Parsix GNU/Linux has two main repositories. The official repository contains packages officially maintained and built by the project and the Continent repository that is the whole Debian testing branch except packages covered by official repository. For Parsix Kev, your default /etc/apt/sources.list file should look like this:

%%(bash) # Parsix deb kev main contrib non-free deb-src kev main contrib non-free

deb kev main contrib non-free deb-src kev main contrib non-free

# Debian Multimedia deb testing main %%

=====Updating Existing Installations=====

Users with existing Parsix GNU/Linux installations can update their systems using APT or 3.0r0 CD-ROM. Updating using the Parsix CD-ROM deletes all additional installed packages. So users who have custom installed packages, should reinstall them after finishing the update process. A package diff file is saved to /root/diffpackages-xxxxxxxx-xxxx.txt that can be used to reinstall additional packages. Just use a command like the following to use the diff file, after rebooting to your new updated Parsix system:

%%(bash)$ apt-get update && apt-get install cat /root/diffpackages-xxxxxxxx-xxxx.txt%%

If you are planning to update your system using APT, use the following commands:

%%(bash) $ echo "deb kev main contrib non-free" >> /etc/apt/sources.list $ apt-get update && apt-get install distro-defaults $ apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade $ apt-get install parsix-kernel (parsix64-kernel on amd64 / parsix-kernel-bigmem on i386 systems with more than 4GB RAM) $ dpkg -P deborphan $ reboot %%

Note: Due to vast amount of changes and new default features in this version, its highly recommended to do a CD-ROM update mode installation.

=====Help us with your donations=====

We pay for our project server and bandwidth costs; Spending a lot of time and effort to come up with a stable and usable operating system you can enjoy and save money! So do not forget to give back. Thank you.

=====Get involved=====

If you like Parsix, you can help us to make it better. You don't need to be a programmer to help us, even reporting bugs and testing new releases is a great help. Join to the Parsix GNU/Linux users mailing list today.

=====More information=====

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