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=====Welcome to Parsix GNU/Linux 1.0r1 Release Notes=====

Parsix GNU/Linux is a GNU/Linux distribution designed for desktop and laptop computers. It can be used as a live CD too. Parsix GNU/Linux is based Debian and derived from KANOTIX. Parsix GNU/Linux contains the most common and needed applications for desktop/laptop users.

=====What's New in 1.0r1?=====

1.0r1 release is an updated version of Parsix GNU/Linux 1.0 (codename 'Ramon') and contains updated packages, several fixes for the reported defects and introduces continent reporitory. This version is synchronized with Parsix and Debian testing repositories as of March 08, 2008. Several bugs have been solved (#83, #84, #87, #93, #96, #97, #98), replaced Bittornado with Transmission bittorrent client and removed wammu extra java related packages to make more free space, dropped support for HSF/HCF software modems. Highlights: GNOME 2.20.3, Linux kernel with CK, TuxOnIce? 3.0-RC5, CFS v24.1, iwlwifi with led support, mactel patches and recent vmsplice security fixes, updated several kernel drivers, OpenOffice?.org 2.3.1 and GNU Iceweasel

====Updated Packages==== All packages have been synchronized with the Parsix and Debian repositories as March 08, 2008. Main changes are:

  • Linux
  • GNOME 2.20.3
  • X.Org 7.2.0
  • GNU Iceweasel
  • OpenOffice?.org 2.3.1
  • Glibc 2.7
  • Pidgin 2.3.1
  • GIMP 2.4.4
  • Synaptic 0.61
  • Exaile 0.2.11
  • xFarDic 0.10.3

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=====Important Notice About Parsix Reporitories=====

Ramon r1 introduces continent apt reporitory along with the official supported Parsix repository. The Continent repository consists the whole Debian testing archive minus the official Parsix repository packages. Note that the continent repository for Parsix Ramon is frozen now and will not receive updates from Debian. This is a new release policy to make Parsix more stable like approach. The Continent repository will be continued to be updated for the next Parsix release codename Viola and will be frozen before the final release of Viola, and so on. So if you like to keep your system more stable, please check your /etc/apt/sources.list file to contain similar lines to the following code:

%%(bash) # Parsix deb ramon main contrib non-free deb-src ramon main contrib non-free

deb ramon main contrib non-free deb-src ramon main contrib non-free

# Debian Multimedia deb testing main %%

If you like to run more recent but testing version of Parsix Viola that is planned to be released on June, change ramon to viola in the /etc/apt/sources.list file. Viola apt repositories will be available on March 15.

=====Other Notable Changes in 1.0=====

  • An updated and improved version of Parsix installer ( that supports auto-detection of all installed operating systems to add them into the GRUB menu. This versuon also contains lots of clean-ups and minor corrections.
  • Improved and overhaulded live system structure, grabbed some startup and shutdown scripts from F.U.L.L.S.T.O.R.Y Project

{{image class="center" url="images/ramon-startup.png"}}

{{image class="center" url="images/screen-graphics.png"}} =====Updating Existing Installations=====

Users with existing Parsix GNU/Linux installations can update their systems using APT or 1.0r1 CD-ROM. Updating using the Parsix CD-ROM deletes all additional installed packages. So users who have custom installed packages, should reinstall them after finishing the update process. A package diff file is saved to /root/diffpackages-xxxxxxxx-xxxx.txt that can be used to reinstall additional packages. Just use a command like the following to use the diff file, after rebooting to your new updated Parsix system:

%%(bash)$ apt-get update && apt-get install cat /root/diffpackages-xxxxxxxx-xxxx.txt%%

If you are planning to update your system using APT, use the following commands:

%%(bash) $ echo "deb ramon main contrib non-free" >> /etc/apt/sources.list $ apt-get update && apt-get install distro-defaults $ apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade $ apt-get install parsix-kernel (or parsix64-kernel on amd64 systems) $ reboot %%

=====Note for Intel Wireless 3945/4965 Users=====

If had trouble getting IP from the wireless network, try to add access point address to your network configuration. Use the following command to get the access point address:

%%(bash) $ iwlist wlan0 scan | grep Cell | awk 'BEGIN{FS="Address: "}{print $2}' %%

=====Note for HSF/HCF Software Modem Users=====

Parsix GNU/Linux does not support HSF/HCF software modems anymore, so you need to manually download and install needed Debian driver packages from

=====Get involved=====

If you like Parsix, you can help us to make it better. You don't need to be a programmer to help us, even reporting bugs and testing new releases is a great help. Join to the Parsix GNU/Linux users mailing list today.

=====More information=====

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