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Welcome to Parsix GNU/Linux 0.85.1 Release Notes

Parsix GNU/Linux is a GNU/Linux distribution designed for desktop and laptop computers. It can be used as a live CD too. Parsix GNU/Linux is based on KANOTIX and Debian. Parsix GNU/Linux contains the most common and needed applications for desktop/laptop users.

What's New in 0.85.1?

0.85.1 release is a bug fix/feature update release that fixes problems reported on 0.85, updates included software packages and improves some aspects of the system such as installer. The most important changes in 0.85.1 are listed below.

Improved installer system The Parsix installer (p-i) now supports "Update Installation" mode within the main menu. Users with existing installations can update their system trough the installer wizard and is not needed to deal with terminal anymore.


Other notable changes in the installer system are:

  • Enables ipw-3945 daemon on the systems with ipw-3945 chip sets only.
  • Enables acerhk daemon on Acer laptops.
  • Enables powernow daemon on supported systems.
  • Enables SL-Modem daemon on systems with slmodem chip sets.
  • Some more clean-ups during install/update.
  • Added a question to restore original xorg.conf file to the update installation mode.
  • Saves package diff before/after the update installation to /root/diffpackages-xxxxxxxx-xxxx.txt file. This file can be used to reinstall additional installed packages. for more information, see the 'Updating Existing Installations' section below.

Updated/Added? Packages All packages are synchronized with the Parsix and Debian repositories as Feb 28, 2007. Main changes are:

  • GNOME 2.16.3
  • X.Org 7.1.0
  • GNU Iceweasel
  • OpenOffice?.org 2.0.4
  • xFarDic 0.8.4
  • Updated kernel drivers.
  • Parsix-Doc 2.2.0
  • Added packages: GnoCHM, p7zip, aspell-hy, privoxy, myspell-en, iceweasel-l10n-fa-ir, openoffice.org2-l10n-fa
  • Removed packages: xCHM

Other Changes

  • Added Armenian language support.
  • New system monitor layout.

{{image class="center" url="images/0851-sysmon.png"}}

Updating Existing Installations

Users with existing Parsix GNU/Linux installations can update their systems using APT or 0.85.1 CD-ROM. Updating with CD-ROM deletes all additional installed packages. So users who have custom installed packages, should reinstall them after update through updated Parsix on the hard disk. A package diff file is saved to /root/diffpackages-xxxxxxxx-xxxx.txt that can be used to reinstall additional packages. Just use a command like the following to use the diff file:

%%(bash)# apt-get update && apt-get install cat /root/diffpackages-xxxxxxxx-xxxx.txt%%

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