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Feature requests and progress reports

Projects by Other Parsix Contributors

  • ?

Projects by xet7

In progress

1) VirtualBox?: Howto install WinXP most used free programs, etc (in progress) Use Secunia PSI to check if you need to update something

Next in TODO list

2) move (( parsixlinuxfixes)) into Parsix wiki 3) translate wiki to Finnish 4) ungleDisk? 5) Skype 6) LinuxHardware BlueSoleil bluetooth software - waiting for Debian version release? 7) Look at projects not started by anybody, is something can be done

xet7 Also see xet7's Latest Updates?

Projects not yet started by anybody

These will be absolutely done at some point by somebody, but can't yet progress because not enough of information available or lack of research time. Any additional info and help very welcome!

VirtualBox? For a start see this forum thread.

  • Howto create partition and use raw harddisk image
  • Howto create ""WinXP VirtualBox?"" prepared image that works on different hardware, some kind of customized faster install with all possible additional software, so that ""WinXP"" doesn't complain about changed hardware, and it's faster to get it working. VMware and QEmu are slower than ""VirtualBox?"".
  • Inside ""VirtualBox? WinXP"" have Java etc most used programs autoinstaller, like apt-get for Windows? Google Summer of Code or some other project?

Automatic installer

Custom installation LiveCD creator

  • add and remove any needed software with a GUI
  • Puppy Linux has such feature
  • Is there example code that works with Debian-based distros like Parsix?

Full disk encryption

Anything else?

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