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1# translation of mysql-5.1_5.1.49-1_gl.po to Galician
2# Galician translation of mysql-dfsg-5.1's debconf templates
3# This file is distributed under the same license as the mysql-dfsg-5.1 package.
5# Jacobo Tarrio <>, 2007.
6# Jorge Barreiro <>, 2010.
7msgid ""
8msgstr ""
9"Project-Id-Version: mysql-5.1_5.1.49-1_gl\n"
11"POT-Creation-Date: 2010-07-31 12:35+0200\n"
12"PO-Revision-Date: 2010-08-13 02:32+0200\n"
13"Last-Translator: Jorge Barreiro <>\n"
14"Language-Team: Galician <>\n"
15"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
16"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
17"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
18"Language: gl\n"
19"X-Generator: KBabel 1.11.4\n"
21#. Type: boolean
22#. Description
23#: ../mysql-server-5.1.templates:2001
24msgid "Really proceed with downgrade?"
25msgstr "¿Quere pasar a unha versión anterior?"
27#. Type: boolean
28#. Description
29#: ../mysql-server-5.1.templates:2001
30msgid "A file named /var/lib/mysql/debian-*.flag exists on this system."
31msgstr "Neste sistema hai un ficheiro chamado /var/lib/mysql/debian-*.flag."
33#. Type: boolean
34#. Description
35#: ../mysql-server-5.1.templates:2001
36msgid ""
37"Such a file is an indication that a mysql-server package with a higher "
38"version has been installed previously."
39msgstr ""
40"Un ficheiro coma este indica que anteriormente se instalou un paquete mysql-"
41"server cunha versión superior."
43#. Type: boolean
44#. Description
45#: ../mysql-server-5.1.templates:2001
46msgid ""
47"There is no guarantee that the version you're currently installing will be "
48"able to use the current databases."
49msgstr ""
50"Non se pode garantir que a versión que está a instalar poida empregar as "
51"bases de datos actuais."
53#. Type: note
54#. Description
55#: ../mysql-server-5.1.templates:3001
56msgid "Important note for NIS/YP users"
57msgstr "Nota importante para os usuarios de NIS/YP"
59#. Type: note
60#. Description
61#: ../mysql-server-5.1.templates:3001
62msgid ""
63"Using MySQL under NIS/YP requires a mysql user account to be added on the "
64"local system with:"
65msgstr ""
66"O uso de MySQL baixo NIS/YP require engadir unha conta de usuario de mysql "
67"no sistema local usando:"
69#. Type: note
70#. Description
71#: ../mysql-server-5.1.templates:3001
72msgid ""
73"You should also check the permissions and ownership of the /var/lib/mysql "
75msgstr ""
76"Tamén debería comprobar os permisos e o propietario do directorio /var/lib/"
79#. Type: boolean
80#. Description
81#: ../mysql-server-5.1.templates:4001
82msgid "Remove all MySQL databases?"
83msgstr "¿Eliminar tódalas bases de datos de MySQL?"
85#. Type: boolean
86#. Description
87#: ../mysql-server-5.1.templates:4001
88msgid ""
89"The /var/lib/mysql directory which contains the MySQL databases is about to "
90"be removed."
91msgstr ""
92"Hase eliminar o directorio /var/lib/mysql, que contén as bases de datos de "
95#. Type: boolean
96#. Description
97#: ../mysql-server-5.1.templates:4001
98msgid ""
99"If you're removing the MySQL package in order to later install a more recent "
100"version or if a different mysql-server package is already using it, the data "
101"should be kept."
102msgstr ""
103"Se está a eliminar o paquete MySQL para instalar despois unha versión máis "
104"recente ou se xa hai un paquete mysql-server diferente a empregalo, debería "
105"conservar os datos."
107#. Type: boolean
108#. Description
109#: ../mysql-server-5.1.templates:5001
110msgid "Start the MySQL server on boot?"
111msgstr "¿Iniciar o servidor MySQL co ordenador?"
113#. Type: boolean
114#. Description
115#: ../mysql-server-5.1.templates:5001
116msgid ""
117"The MySQL server can be launched automatically at boot time or manually with "
118"the '/etc/init.d/mysql start' command."
119msgstr ""
120"Pódese iniciar automaticamente o servidor MySQL ao iniciar o ordenador, ou "
121"manualmente coa orde \"/etc/init.d/mysql start\"."
123#. Type: password
124#. Description
125#: ../mysql-server-5.1.templates:6001
126msgid "New password for the MySQL \"root\" user:"
127msgstr "Novo contrasinal para o usuario \"root\" de MySQL:"
129#. Type: password
130#. Description
131#: ../mysql-server-5.1.templates:6001
132msgid ""
133"While not mandatory, it is highly recommended that you set a password for "
134"the MySQL administrative \"root\" user."
135msgstr ""
136"Aínda que non é obrigatorio, recoméndase encarecidamente que estableza un "
137"contrasinal para o usuario administrativo \"root\" de MySQL."
139#. Type: password
140#. Description
141#: ../mysql-server-5.1.templates:6001
142msgid "If this field is left blank, the password will not be changed."
143msgstr "Se deixa este campo en branco, non se ha cambiar o contrasinal."
145#. Type: password
146#. Description
147#: ../mysql-server-5.1.templates:7001
148msgid "Repeat password for the MySQL \"root\" user:"
149msgstr "Repita o contrasinal para o usuario \"root\" de MySQL:"
151#. Type: error
152#. Description
153#: ../mysql-server-5.1.templates:8001
154msgid "Unable to set password for the MySQL \"root\" user"
155msgstr "Non se puido establecer o contrasinal do usuario \"root\" de MySQL"
157#. Type: error
158#. Description
159#: ../mysql-server-5.1.templates:8001
160msgid ""
161"An error occurred while setting the password for the MySQL administrative "
162"user. This may have happened because the account already has a password, or "
163"because of a communication problem with the MySQL server."
164msgstr ""
165"Houbo un erro ao establecer o contrasinal do usuario administrativo de "
166"MySQL. Puido ocorrer porque o usuario xa teña un contrasinal ou debido a un "
167"problema de comunicacións co servidor MySQL."
169#. Type: error
170#. Description
171#: ../mysql-server-5.1.templates:8001
172msgid "You should check the account's password after the package installation."
173msgstr "Debería comprobar o contrasinal da conta trala instalación do paquete."
175#. Type: error
176#. Description
177#: ../mysql-server-5.1.templates:8001
178msgid ""
179"Please read the /usr/share/doc/mysql-server-5.1/README.Debian file for more "
181msgstr ""
182"Consulte o ficheiro /usr/share/doc/mysql-server-5.1/README.Debian para máis "
185#. Type: error
186#. Description
187#: ../mysql-server-5.1.templates:9001
188msgid "Password input error"
189msgstr "Erro na introdución do contrasinal"
191#. Type: error
192#. Description
193#: ../mysql-server-5.1.templates:9001
194msgid "The two passwords you entered were not the same. Please try again."
195msgstr "Os dous contrasinais introducidos non coinciden. Inténteo de novo."
197#. Type: error
198#. Description
199#: ../mysql-server-5.1.templates:10001
200msgid "NDB Cluster seems to be in use"
201msgstr "Parece estarse a usar un «Cluster NDB»"
203#. Type: error
204#. Description
205#: ../mysql-server-5.1.templates:10001
206msgid ""
207"MySQL-5.1 no longer provides NDB Cluster support. Please migrate to the new "
208"mysql-cluster package and remove all lines starting with \"ndb\" from all "
209"config files below /etc/mysql/."
210msgstr ""
211"MySQL-5.1 xa non da soporte para clústers NDB. Migre ó novo paquete mysql-"
212"cluster e elimine as liñas que comezan por «ndb» de todos os ficheiros de "
213"configuración baixo /etc/mysql/."
215#~ msgid ""
216#~ "To use MySQL, the following entries for users and groups should be added "
217#~ "to the system:"
218#~ msgstr ""
219#~ "Para empregar MySQL deberían engadirse ao sistema as seguintes entradas "
220#~ "de usuarios e grupos:"
222#~ msgid ""
223#~ "Support MySQL connections from hosts running Debian \"sarge\" or older?"
224#~ msgstr ""
225#~ "¿Soportar as conexións a MySQL de máquinas que empreguen Debian \"sarge\" "
226#~ "ou anterior?"
228#~ msgid ""
229#~ "In old versions of MySQL clients on Debian, passwords were not stored "
230#~ "securely. This has been improved since then, however clients (such as "
231#~ "PHP) from hosts running Debian 3.1 Sarge will not be able to connect to "
232#~ "recent accounts or accounts whose password have been changed."
233#~ msgstr ""
234#~ "Nas versións antigas dos clientes MySQL de Debian, os contrasinais non se "
235#~ "armacenaban de xeito seguro. Isto mellorouse desde aquela; nembargantes, "
236#~ "os clientes (tales coma PHP) das máquinas que executen Debian 3.1 Sarge "
237#~ "non se han poder conectar a contas recentes ou a contas nas que se "
238#~ "cambiara o contrasinal."
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