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1# Galician translation of exim4's debconf templates
2# Jacobo Tarrío <>, 2005, 2007.
4msgid ""
5msgstr ""
6"Project-Id-Version: exim4\n"
8"POT-Creation-Date: 2007-07-18 08:29+0200\n"
9"PO-Revision-Date: 2007-07-15 16:41+0100\n"
10"Last-Translator: Jacobo Tarrío <>\n"
11"Language-Team: Galician <>\n"
12"Language: gl\n"
13"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
14"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
15"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
17#. Type: boolean
18#. Description
19#: ../exim4-base.templates:1001
20msgid "Remove undelivered messages in spool directory?"
21msgstr "¿Borrar as mensaxes sen enviar do directorio de traballo?"
23#. Type: boolean
24#. Description
25#: ../exim4-base.templates:1001
26msgid ""
27"There are e-mail messages in the Exim spool directory /var/spool/exim4/"
28"input/ which have not yet been delivered. Removing Exim will cause them to "
29"remain undelivered until Exim is re-installed."
30msgstr ""
31"Hai mensaxes no directorio de traballo de Exim, /var/spool/exim4/input/, que "
32"aínda non se entregaron. Se elimina Exim ha facer que queden sen entregar "
33"ata que reinstale Exim."
35#. Type: boolean
36#. Description
37#: ../exim4-base.templates:1001
38msgid ""
39"If this option is not chosen, the spool directory is kept, allowing the "
40"messages in the queue to be delivered at a later date after Exim is re-"
42msgstr ""
43"Se non se escolle esta opción consérvase o directorio de traballo, o que "
44"permite que as mensaxes da cola se envíen nunha data posterior despois de "
45"reinstalar Exim."
47#. Type: error
48#. Description
49#: ../exim4-base.templates:2001 ../exim4-daemon-heavy.templates:1001
50#: ../exim4-daemon-light.templates:1001 ../exim4.templates:1001
51msgid "Reconfigure exim4-config instead of this package"
52msgstr "Reconfigure exim4-config no canto deste paquete"
54#. Type: error
55#. Description
56#: ../exim4-base.templates:2001 ../exim4-daemon-heavy.templates:1001
57#: ../exim4-daemon-light.templates:1001 ../exim4.templates:1001
58msgid ""
59"Exim4 has its configuration factored out into a dedicated package, exim4-"
60"config. To reconfigure Exim4, use 'dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config'."
61msgstr ""
62"Exim4 ten a configuración separada nun paquete adicado, exim4-config. Para "
63"reconfigurar Exim4, empregue \"dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config\"."
65#. Type: select
66#. Choices
67#. Translators beware! the following six strings form a single
68#. Choices menu. - Every one of these strings has to fit in a standard
69#. 80 characters console, as the fancy screen setup takes up some space
70#. try to keep below ~71 characters.
71#. DO NOT USE commas (,) in Choices translations otherwise
72#. this will break the choices shown to users
73#: ../exim4-config.templates:1001
74msgid "internet site; mail is sent and received directly using SMTP"
75msgstr "sitio de Internet; o correo envíase e recíbese directamente por SMTP"
77#. Type: select
78#. Choices
79#. Translators beware! the following six strings form a single
80#. Choices menu. - Every one of these strings has to fit in a standard
81#. 80 characters console, as the fancy screen setup takes up some space
82#. try to keep below ~71 characters.
83#. DO NOT USE commas (,) in Choices translations otherwise
84#. this will break the choices shown to users
85#: ../exim4-config.templates:1001
86msgid "mail sent by smarthost; received via SMTP or fetchmail"
87msgstr "o correo envíase por un servidor; recíbese por SMTP ou fetchmail"
89#. Type: select
90#. Choices
91#. Translators beware! the following six strings form a single
92#. Choices menu. - Every one of these strings has to fit in a standard
93#. 80 characters console, as the fancy screen setup takes up some space
94#. try to keep below ~71 characters.
95#. DO NOT USE commas (,) in Choices translations otherwise
96#. this will break the choices shown to users
97#: ../exim4-config.templates:1001
98msgid "mail sent by smarthost; no local mail"
99msgstr "o correo envíase por un servidor; non hai correo local"
101#. Type: select
102#. Choices
103#. Translators beware! the following six strings form a single
104#. Choices menu. - Every one of these strings has to fit in a standard
105#. 80 characters console, as the fancy screen setup takes up some space
106#. try to keep below ~71 characters.
107#. DO NOT USE commas (,) in Choices translations otherwise
108#. this will break the choices shown to users
109#: ../exim4-config.templates:1001
110msgid "local delivery only; not on a network"
111msgstr "só entregas locais; non está nunha rede"
113#. Type: select
114#. Choices
115#. Translators beware! the following six strings form a single
116#. Choices menu. - Every one of these strings has to fit in a standard
117#. 80 characters console, as the fancy screen setup takes up some space
118#. try to keep below ~71 characters.
119#. DO NOT USE commas (,) in Choices translations otherwise
120#. this will break the choices shown to users
121#: ../exim4-config.templates:1001
122msgid "no configuration at this time"
123msgstr "non configurar neste momento"
125#. Type: select
126#. Description
127#: ../exim4-config.templates:1002
128msgid "General type of mail configuration:"
129msgstr "Tipo xeral de configuración do correo:"
131#. Type: select
132#. Description
133#: ../exim4-config.templates:1002
134msgid ""
135"Please select the mail server configuration type that best meets your needs."
136msgstr ""
137"Escolla o tipo de configuración do servidor de correo que máis se axuste ás "
138"súas necesidades."
140#. Type: select
141#. Description
142#: ../exim4-config.templates:1002
143msgid ""
144"Systems with dynamic IP addresses, including dialup systems, should "
145"generally be configured to send outgoing mail to another machine, called a "
146"'smarthost' for delivery because many receiving systems on the Internet "
147"block incoming mail from dynamic IP addresses as spam protection."
148msgstr ""
149"Os sistemas con enderezos IP dinámicos, incluíndo os que usan módems, "
150"normalmente deberían configurarse para que envíen o seu correo saínte a "
151"outra máquina para que esta o entregue, porque moitos sistemas receptores de "
152"correo en Internet bloquean, para se protexer do spam, o correo que chega de "
153"enderezos IP dinámicos."
155#. Type: select
156#. Description
157#: ../exim4-config.templates:1002
158msgid ""
159"A system with a dynamic IP address can receive its own mail, or local "
160"delivery can be disabled entirely (except mail for root and postmaster)."
161msgstr ""
162"Un sistema cun enderezo IP dinámico pode recibir o seu propio correo, ou "
163"pode desactivarse por completo a entrega local (agás o correo de root e "
166#. Type: boolean
167#. Description
168#: ../exim4-config.templates:2001
169msgid "Really leave the mail system unconfigured?"
170msgstr "¿Quere deixar o sistema de correo sen configurar?"
172#. Type: boolean
173#. Description
174#: ../exim4-config.templates:2001
175msgid ""
176"Until the mail system is configured, it will be broken and cannot be used. "
177"Configuration at a later time can be done either by hand or by running 'dpkg-"
178"reconfigure exim4-config' as root."
179msgstr ""
180"Ata que configure o sistema de correo, este non ha poder funcionar. Pode "
181"configuralo máis adiante á man ou executando \"dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config"
182"\" coma administrador."
184#. Type: string
185#. Description
186#: ../exim4-config.templates:3001
187msgid "System mail name:"
188msgstr "Nome de correo do sistema:"
190#. Type: string
191#. Description
192#: ../exim4-config.templates:3001
193msgid ""
194"The 'mail name' is the domain name used to 'qualify' mail addresses without "
195"a domain name."
196msgstr ""
197"O \"nome de correo\" é o nome de dominio que se emprega para completar os "
198"enderezos de correo que non teñen un nome de dominio."
200#. Type: string
201#. Description
202#: ../exim4-config.templates:3001
203msgid ""
204"This name will also be used by other programs. It should be the single, "
205"fully qualified domain name (FQDN)."
206msgstr ""
207"Este nome tamén se ha empregar noutros programas; debería ser o nome de "
208"dominio completo (FQDN)."
210#. Type: string
211#. Description
212#: ../exim4-config.templates:3001
213msgid ""
214"Thus, if a mail address on the local host is, the correct "
215"value for this option would be"
216msgstr ""
217"Por exemplo, se un enderezo de correo no servidor local fose foo@example."
218"org, o valor correcto para esta opción había ser"
220#. Type: string
221#. Description
222#: ../exim4-config.templates:3001
223msgid ""
224"This name won't appear on From: lines of outgoing messages if rewriting is "
226msgstr ""
227"Este nome non ha aparecer nas liñas From: das mensaxes saíntes se activa a "
230#. Type: string
231#. Description
232#: ../exim4-config.templates:4001
233msgid "Other destinations for which mail is accepted:"
234msgstr "Outros destinos para os que se acepta correo:"
236#. Type: string
237#. Description
238#: ../exim4-config.templates:4001
239msgid ""
240"Please enter a semicolon-separated list of recipient domains for which this "
241"machine should consider itself the final destination. These domains are "
242"commonly called 'local domains'. The local hostname (${fqdn}) and "
243"'localhost' are always added to the list given here."
244msgstr ""
245"Introduza unha lista de dominios separados por signos de punto e coma (;) "
246"para os que esta máquina se debe considerar destinataria final. Estes "
247"dominios adoitan chamarse \"dominios locais\". O nome local (${fqdn}) e "
248"\"localhost\" sempre se engaden á lista de aquí."
250#. Type: string
251#. Description
252#: ../exim4-config.templates:4001
253msgid ""
254"By default all local domains will be treated identically. If both a.example "
255"and b.example are local domains, acc@a.example and acc@b.example will be "
256"delivered to the same final destination. If different domain names should be "
257"treated differently, it is necessary to edit the config files afterwards."
258msgstr ""
259"Por defecto tódolos dominios locais trátanse igual. Se a.exemplo e b.exemplo "
260"son dominios locais, as mensaxes dirixidas a acc@a.exemplo e acc@b.exemplo "
261"entréganse ao mesmo destino final. Se quere que os dominios diferentes se "
262"traten de xeitos diferentes, ha ser necesario editar despois os ficheiros de "
265#. Type: string
266#. Description
267#: ../exim4-config.templates:5001
268msgid "Domains to relay mail for:"
269msgstr "Dominios para os que se remite correo:"
271#. Type: string
272#. Description
273#: ../exim4-config.templates:5001
274msgid ""
275"Please enter a semicolon-separated list of recipient domains for which this "
276"system will relay mail, for example as a fallback MX or mail gateway. This "
277"means that this system will accept mail for these domains from anywhere on "
278"the Internet and deliver them according to local delivery rules."
279msgstr ""
280"Introduza unha lista de dominios separados por signos de punto e coma (;) "
281"para os que este sistema ha remitir correo, por exemplo coma MX de respaldo "
282"ou pasarela de correo. Isto significa que este sistema ha aceptar correo "
283"destinado a eses dominios enviado desde calquera sitio de Internet e "
284"entregalo de acordo coas regras de entrega local."
286#. Type: string
287#. Description
288#: ../exim4-config.templates:5001
289msgid "Do not mention local domains here. Wildcards may be used."
290msgstr "Non mencione aquí os dominios locais. Pódense empregar comodíns."
292#. Type: string
293#. Description
294#: ../exim4-config.templates:6001
295msgid "Machines to relay mail for:"
296msgstr "Máquinas para as que se remite correo:"
298#. Type: string
299#. Description
300#: ../exim4-config.templates:6001
301msgid ""
302"Please enter a semicolon-separated list of IP address ranges for which this "
303"system will unconditionally relay mail, functioning as a smarthost."
304msgstr ""
305"Introduza unha lista de rangos de enderezos IP separados por signos de punto "
306"e coma (;) para os que este sistema ha remitir calquera mensaxe de xeito "
307"incondicional, funcionando coma servidor de correo."
309#. Type: string
310#. Description
311#: ../exim4-config.templates:6001
312msgid ""
313"You should use the standard address/prefix format (e.g. or "
315msgstr ""
316"Debería empregar o formato estándar de enderezo/prefixo (por exemplo, "
317" ou 5f03:1200:836f::/48)."
319#. Type: string
320#. Description
321#: ../exim4-config.templates:6001
322msgid ""
323"If this system should not be a smarthost for any other host, leave this list "
325msgstr ""
326"Se este sistema non debe ser servidor de correo de ningunha outra máquina, "
327"deixe esta lista baleira."
329#. Type: string
330#. Description
331#: ../exim4-config.templates:7001
332msgid "Visible domain name for local users:"
333msgstr "Nome de dominio visible para os usuarios locais:"
335#. Type: string
336#. Description
337#: ../exim4-config.templates:7001
338msgid ""
339"The option to hide the local mail name in outgoing mail was enabled. It is "
340"therefore necessary to specify the domain name this system should use for "
341"the domain part of local users' sender addresses."
342msgstr ""
343"Activouse a opción de ocultar o nome de correo local no correo saínte. Polo "
344"tanto, é necesario especificar o nome de dominio que este sistema debe "
345"empregar na parte de dominio dos enderezos de envío dos usuarios locais."
347#. Type: string
348#. Description
349#: ../exim4-config.templates:8001
350msgid "IP address or host name of the outgoing smarthost:"
351msgstr "Enderezo IP ou nome do servidor de correo saínte:"
353#. Type: string
354#. Description
355#: ../exim4-config.templates:8001
356msgid ""
357"Please enter the IP address or the host name of a mail server that this "
358"system should use as outgoing smarthost. If the smarthost only accepts your "
359"mail on a port different from TCP/25, append two colons and the port number "
360"(for example smarthost.example::587 or Colons in "
361"IPv6 addresses need to be doubled."
362msgstr ""
363"Introduza o enderezo IP ou o nome do servidor de correo que ten que empregar "
364"este sistema. Se o servidor só acepta correo nun porto distinto de TCP/25, "
365"engada dous signos de dous puntos (::) e o número de porto (por exemplo, "
366"servidor.exemplo::587 ou Tamén hai que duplicar os "
367"signos de dous puntos dos enderezos IPv6."
369#. Type: string
370#. Description
371#: ../exim4-config.templates:8001
372msgid ""
373"If the smarthost requires authentication, please refer to the Debian-"
374"specific README files in /usr/share/doc/exim4-base for notes about setting "
375"up SMTP authentication."
376msgstr ""
377"Se o servidor de correo saínte precisa de autenticación, consulte os "
378"ficheiros README específicos de Debian no directorio /usr/share/doc/exim4-"
379"base para ver notas sobre a configuración da autenticación SMTP."
381#. Type: string
382#. Description
383#: ../exim4-config.templates:9001
384msgid "Root and postmaster mail recipient:"
385msgstr "Destinatario do correo do administrador e postmaster:"
387#. Type: string
388#. Description
389#: ../exim4-config.templates:9001
390msgid ""
391"Mail for the 'postmaster', 'root', and other system accounts needs to be "
392"redirected to the user account of the actual system administrator."
393msgstr ""
394"O correo para \"postmaster\", \"root\" e outras contas do sistema ten que se "
395"redirixir á conta de usuario real do administrador do sistema."
397#. Type: string
398#. Description
399#: ../exim4-config.templates:9001
400msgid ""
401"If this value is left empty, such mail will be saved in /var/mail/mail, "
402"which is not recommended."
403msgstr ""
404"Se este valor se deixa baleiro, ese correo hase gravar en /var/mail/mail, o "
405"que non se recomenda."
407#. Type: string
408#. Description
409#: ../exim4-config.templates:9001
410msgid ""
411"Note that postmaster's mail should be read on the system to which it is "
412"directed, rather than being forwarded elsewhere, so (at least one of) the "
413"users listed here should not redirect their mail off this machine. A 'real-' "
414"prefix can be used to force local delivery."
415msgstr ""
416"Teña en conta que o correo do postmaster debería lerse no sistema ao que se "
417"dirixe, no canto de o redirixir a outro sitio, así que (alomenos un de) os "
418"usuarios que escolla non deberían redirixir o seu correo fóra desta máquina. "
419"Pode empregar o prefixo \"real-\" para forzar a entrega local."
421#. Type: string
422#. Description
423#: ../exim4-config.templates:9001
424msgid "Multiple user names need to be separated by spaces."
425msgstr "Se indica varios nomes de usuario, sepáreos con espazos."
427#. Type: string
428#. Description
429#: ../exim4-config.templates:10001
430msgid "IP-addresses to listen on for incoming SMTP connections:"
431msgstr "Enderezo IP no que esperar as conexións SMTP entrantes:"
433#. Type: string
434#. Description
435#: ../exim4-config.templates:10001
436msgid ""
437"Please enter a semicolon-separated list of IP addresses. The Exim SMTP "
438"listener daemon will listen on all IP addresses listed here."
439msgstr ""
440"Introduza unha lista de enderezos IP separados por signos de punto e coma "
441"(;). O servizo de escoita por SMTP de Exim ha escoitar en tódolos enderezos "
442"IP desta lista."
444#. Type: string
445#. Description
446#: ../exim4-config.templates:10001
447msgid ""
448"An empty value will cause Exim to listen for connections on all available "
449"network interfaces."
450msgstr ""
451"Se deixa este valor en branco, Exim ha esperar conexións en tódolas "
452"interfaces de rede dispoñibles."
454#. Type: string
455#. Description
456#: ../exim4-config.templates:10001
457msgid ""
458"If this system only receives mail directly from local services (and not from "
459"other hosts), it is suggested to prohibit external connections to the local "
460"Exim daemon. Such services include e-mail programs (MUAs) which talk to "
461"localhost only as well as fetchmail. External connections are impossible "
462"when is entered here, as this will disable listening on public "
463"network interfaces."
464msgstr ""
465"Se este sistema só recibe mail directamente de servizos locais (e non "
466"doutros servidores), aconséllase que prohiba as conexións externas ao "
467"servizo Exim local. Estes servizos inclúen programas de email (MUAs) que só "
468"se conectan a localhost, así coma fetchmail. Non son posibles as conexións "
469"externas ao introducir aquí, xa que iso desactiva a escoita en "
470"interfaces de rede públicas."
472#. Type: boolean
473#. Description
474#: ../exim4-config.templates:11001
475msgid "Keep number of DNS-queries minimal (Dial-on-Demand)?"
476msgstr "¿Minimizar o número de consultas DNS?"
478#. Type: boolean
479#. Description
480#: ../exim4-config.templates:11001
481msgid ""
482"In normal mode of operation Exim does DNS lookups at startup, and when "
483"receiving or delivering messages. This is for logging purposes and allows "
484"keeping down the number of hard-coded values in the configuration."
485msgstr ""
486"No modo normal de funcionamento, Exim fai consultas DNS no inicio e cando "
487"recibe ou envía mensaxes. Isto faise para fins de rexistro e permite "
488"minimizar o número de valores incrustados na configuración."
490#. Type: boolean
491#. Description
492#: ../exim4-config.templates:11001
493msgid ""
494"If this system does not have a DNS full service resolver available at all "
495"times (for example if its Internet access is a dial-up line using dial-on-"
496"demand), this might have unwanted consequences. For example, starting up "
497"Exim or running the queue (even with no messages waiting) might trigger a "
498"costly dial-up-event."
499msgstr ""
500"Se este sistema non ten un servizo de resolución DNS completo dispoñible en "
501"todo momento (por exemplo, se para se conectar a Internet emprega un módem "
502"con chamada baixo demanda), isto pode ter consecuencias non desexadas. Por "
503"exemplo, iniciar Exim ou procesar a cola (incluso sen mensaxes agardando) "
504"podería causar unha chamada telefónica custosa."
506#. Type: boolean
507#. Description
508#: ../exim4-config.templates:11001
509msgid ""
510"This option should be selected if this system is using Dial-on-Demand. If it "
511"has always-on Internet access, this option should be disabled."
512msgstr ""
513"Esta opción deberíase seleccionar se este sistema emprega chamada baixo "
514"demanda. Se ten acceso contínuo a Internet debería desactivarse esta opción."
516#. Type: title
517#. Description
518#: ../exim4-config.templates:12001
519msgid "Mail Server configuration"
520msgstr "Configuración do servidor de correo"
522#. Type: boolean
523#. Description
524#: ../exim4-config.templates:13001
525msgid "Split configuration into small files?"
526msgstr "¿Partir a configuración en ficheiros pequenos?"
528#. Type: boolean
529#. Description
530#: ../exim4-config.templates:13001
531msgid ""
532"The Debian exim4 packages can either use 'unsplit configuration', a single "
533"monolithic file (/etc/exim4/exim4.conf.template) or 'split configuration', "
534"where the actual Exim configuration files are built from about 50 smaller "
535"files in /etc/exim4/conf.d/."
536msgstr ""
537"Os paquetes de Exim4 de Debian poden empregar \"configuración contínua\", un "
538"só ficheiro monolítico (/etc/exim4/exim4.conf.template) ou \"configuración "
539"partida\", na que os ficheiros de configuración de Exim se constrúen a "
540"partires duns 50 ficheiros pequenos armacenados en /etc/exim4/conf.d/."
542#. Type: boolean
543#. Description
544#: ../exim4-config.templates:13001
545msgid ""
546"Unsplit configuration is better suited for large modifications and is "
547"generally more stable, whereas split configuration offers a comfortable way "
548"to make smaller modifications but is more fragile and might break if "
549"modified carelessly."
550msgstr ""
551"A configuración contínua axéitase máis a modificacións grandes e adoita ser "
552"máis estable, mentres que a configuración partida ofrece un xeito cómodo de "
553"facer pequenas modificacións pero é máis fráxil e podería romper se se "
554"modifica sen coidado."
556#. Type: boolean
557#. Description
558#: ../exim4-config.templates:13001
559msgid ""
560"A more detailed discussion of split and unsplit configuration can be found "
561"in the Debian-specific README files in /usr/share/doc/exim4-base."
562msgstr ""
563"Hai unha discusión máis detallada sobre a configuración partida e contínua "
564"nos ficheiros README específicos de Debian de /usr/share/doc/exim4-base."
566#. Type: boolean
567#. Description
568#: ../exim4-config.templates:14001
569msgid "Hide local mail name in outgoing mail?"
570msgstr "¿Agochar o nome local no correo de saída?"
572#. Type: boolean
573#. Description
574#: ../exim4-config.templates:14001
575msgid ""
576"The headers of outgoing mail can be rewritten to make it appear to have been "
577"generated on a different system. If this option is chosen, '${mailname}', "
578"'localhost' and '${dc_other_hostnames}' in From, Reply-To, Sender and Return-"
579"Path are rewritten."
580msgstr ""
581"Pódense rescribir as cabeceiras do correo de saída para que pareza que se "
582"xerou nun sistema diferente. Se se selecciona esta opción hanse rescribir "
583"\"${mailname}\", \"localhost\" e \"${dc_other_hostnames}\" nas cabeceiras "
584"From, Reply-To, Sender e Return-Path."
586#. Type: select
587#. Choices
588#: ../exim4-config.templates:15001
589msgid "mbox format in /var/mail/"
590msgstr "Formato mbox en /var/mail/"
592#. Type: select
593#. Choices
594#: ../exim4-config.templates:15001
595msgid "Maildir format in home directory"
596msgstr "Formato Maildir no directorio do usuario"
598#. Type: select
599#. Description
600#: ../exim4-config.templates:15002
601msgid "Delivery method for local mail:"
602msgstr "Método de entrega para o correo local:"
604#. Type: select
605#. Description
606#: ../exim4-config.templates:15002
607msgid ""
608"Exim is able to store locally delivered email in different formats. The most "
609"commonly used ones are mbox and Maildir. mbox uses a single file for the "
610"complete mail folder stored in /var/mail/. With Maildir format every single "
611"message is stored in a separate file in ~/Maildir/."
612msgstr ""
613"Exim pode armacenar o correo que se entrega localmente en varios formatos. "
614"Os máis habituais son mbox e Maildir. Mbox emprega un só ficheiro para todo "
615"o cartafol de correo armacenado en /var/mail/. Co formato Maildir, cada "
616"mensaxe grávase nun ficheiro separado en ~/Maildir/."
618#. Type: select
619#. Description
620#: ../exim4-config.templates:15002
621msgid ""
622"Please note that most mail tools in Debian expect the local delivery method "
623"to be mbox in their default."
624msgstr ""
625"Teña en conta que a maioría das ferramentas de correo de Debian esperan que "
626"o método de entrega local sexa mbox por defecto."
628#~ msgid "Move undelivered mails from exim 3 to exim4 spool?"
629#~ msgstr ""
630#~ "¿Mover as mensaxes sen enviar de exim 3 ao directorio de traballo de "
631#~ "exim4?"
633#~ msgid ""
634#~ "There are some undelivered mails in exim 3 (or exim-tls 3) spool "
635#~ "directory /var/spool/exim/input/."
636#~ msgstr ""
637#~ "Hai mensaxes sen enviar no directorio de traballo de exim 3 (ou exim-tls "
638#~ "3), /var/spool/exim/input/."
640#~ msgid ""
641#~ "Choosing this option will move these messages to exim4's spool (/var/"
642#~ "spool/exim4/input/) where they will be handled by exim4."
643#~ msgstr ""
644#~ "Se escolle esta opción hanse mover estas mensaxes ao directorio de "
645#~ "traballo de exim4 (/var/spool/exim4/input/), no que exim4 as ha xestionar."
647#~ msgid ""
648#~ "This works only one-way: Exim4 can handle Exim 3 spool but not vice-"
649#~ "versa. If you reject this option, you need to move the messages yourself "
650#~ "or they will never be delivered."
651#~ msgstr ""
652#~ "Isto só funciona nun sentido: Exim4 pode xestionar o directorio de "
653#~ "traballo de exim 3 pero non ao revés. Se rexeita esta opción, terá que "
654#~ "mover as mensaxes vostede mesmo ou non se han entregar nunca."
656#~ msgid "Leaving this list blank will have Exim do no local deliveries."
657#~ msgstr "Se deixa esta lista baleira Exim non ha facer entregas locais."
659#~ msgid ""
660#~ "This works only one-way: exim4 can handle exim(v3)'s spool but not vice-"
661#~ "versa."
662#~ msgstr ""
663#~ "Isto só funciona nun sentido: exim4 pode xestionar o directorio de "
664#~ "traballo de exim(v3) pero non ao revés."
666#~ msgid ""
667#~ "So it is only advisable to move the messages only if it is not planned to "
668#~ "go back to Exim(v3). If a rollback might be necessary, it is a better "
669#~ "idea to refrain from moving the messages now but moving them manually at "
670#~ "a later time."
671#~ msgstr ""
672#~ "Polo tanto, só é aconsellable mover as mensaxes se non planea voltar a "
673#~ "Exim(v3). Se é posible que sexa necesario voltar, é mellor idea que non "
674#~ "mova agora as mensaxes senón movelas despois."
676#~ msgid ""
677#~ "Domains listed here need to be separated by semicolons. Wildcards may be "
678#~ "used."
679#~ msgstr ""
680#~ "Os dominios desta lista teñen que ir separados por signos de punto e coma "
681#~ "(;). Pódense empregar comodíns."
683#~ msgid ""
684#~ "Move the mails only if you don't plan to go back to exim(v3), otherwise "
685#~ "the mail shouldn't be moved now but manually once you've converted your "
686#~ "setup."
687#~ msgstr ""
688#~ "Mova as mensaxes só se non pensa voltar a exim(v3); noutro caso, non "
689#~ "debería movelas agora senón despois a man cando teña convertida a "
690#~ "configuración."
692#~ msgid ""
693#~ "Such domains are domains for which you are prepared to accept mail from "
694#~ "anywhere on the Internet. Do not mention local domains here."
695#~ msgstr ""
696#~ "Estes dominios son dominios para os que pode aceptar correo dende "
697#~ "calquera lugar de Internet. Non mencione aquí os dominios locais."
699#~ msgid ""
700#~ "Since you enabled hiding the local mailname in outgoing mail, you must "
701#~ "specify the domain name to use for mail from local users; typically this "
702#~ "is the machine on which you normally receive your mail."
703#~ msgstr ""
704#~ "Xa que activou a ocultación do nome de correo local no correo saínte, "
705#~ "debe especificar o nome de dominio para o correo procedente dos usuarios "
706#~ "locais; adoita ser o da máquina no que normalmente recibe o correo."
708#~ msgid "Where will your users read their mail?"
709#~ msgstr "¿Onde han ler o correo os seus usuarios?"
711#~ msgid "Machine handling outgoing mail for this host (smarthost):"
712#~ msgstr "Máquina que xestiona o correo saínte desta máquina (smarthost):"
714#~ msgid "Enter the hostname of the machine to which outgoing mail is sent."
715#~ msgstr "Introduza o nome da máquina ao que se envía o correo saínte."
717#~ msgid ""
718#~ "Enable this feature if you are using Dial-on-Demand; otherwise, disable "
719#~ "it."
720#~ msgstr ""
721#~ "Active esta característica se emprega marcación baixo demanda; se non, "
722#~ "desactíveo."
724#~ msgid "If you are unsure then you should not use split configuration."
725#~ msgstr "Se non está seguro non debería empregar unha configuración partida."
727#~ msgid "manually convert from handcrafted Exim v3 configuration"
728#~ msgstr "convertir manualmente dende unha configuración manual de Exim v3"
730#~ msgid "Configure Exim4 manually?"
731#~ msgstr "¿Configurar Exim4 a man?"
733#~ msgid ""
734#~ "You indicated that you have a handcrafted Exim 3 configuration. To "
735#~ "convert this to Exim 4, you can use the exim_convert4r4(8) tool after the "
736#~ "installation. Consult /usr/share/doc/exim4-base/examples/example.conf.gz "
737#~ "and /usr/share/doc/exim4-base/README.Debian.gz!"
738#~ msgstr ""
739#~ "Indicou que ten unha configuración manual de Exim 3. Para convertila a "
740#~ "Exim 4 pode empregar a ferramenta exim_convert4r4(8) trala instalación. "
741#~ "Consulte os ficheiros /usr/share/doc/exim4-base/examples/example.conf.gz "
742#~ "e /usr/share/doc/exim4-base/README.Debian.gz ."
744#~ msgid ""
745#~ "Until your mail system is configured, it will be broken and cannot be "
746#~ "used."
747#~ msgstr "Ata que configure o seu sistema de correo, non ha poder funcionar."
749#~ msgid ""
750#~ "Your \"mail name\" is the hostname portion of the address to be shown on "
751#~ "outgoing news and mail messages (following the username and @ sign) "
752#~ "unless hidden with rewriting."
753#~ msgstr ""
754#~ "O seu \"nome de correo\" é a parte correspondente ao nome do servidor no "
755#~ "enderezo que aparece nas mensaxes saíntes de news e correo (a parte que "
756#~ "hai á dereita da arroba), a menos que se agoche mediante rescritura."
758#~ msgid ""
759#~ "Please enter here the networks of local machines for which you accept to "
760#~ "relay the mail."
761#~ msgstr ""
762#~ "Introduza aquí as redes das máquinas locais para as que acepta remitir o "
763#~ "correo."
765#~ msgid ""
766#~ "This should include a list of all machines that will use us as a "
767#~ "smarthost."
768#~ msgstr ""
769#~ "Debería incluír unha lista con tódalas máquinas que han empregar este "
770#~ "servidor coma \"smart host\"."
772#~ msgid ""
773#~ "You need to double the colons in IPv6 addresses (e.g. "
774#~ "5f03::1200::836f::::/48)"
775#~ msgstr ""
776#~ "Ten que poñer signos de dous puntos dobres (::) nos enderezos IPv6 (por "
777#~ "exemplo, 5f03::1200::836f::::/48)"
779#~ msgid ""
780#~ "Enter a colon-separated list of IP-addresses to listen on.  You need to "
781#~ "double the colons in IPv6 addresses (e.g. 5f03::1200::836f::::)."
782#~ msgstr ""
783#~ "Introduza unha lista de enderezos IP separados por signos de dous puntos "
784#~ "(:). Ten que dobrar os signos (::) nos enderezos IPv6 (por exemplo, "
785#~ "5f03::1200::836f::::)."
787#~ msgid "Configuring Exim v4 (exim4-config)"
788#~ msgstr "A configurar Exim v4 (exim4-config)"
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