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  • docs/gdm.1

    Debian #357988; Remove mentions of gdm-binary, gdm-stop, gdm-restart,
    old new  
    77.B gdm [options] 
    9 .B gdm-binary [options] 
    10 .br 
    119.B gdmsetup [options] 
    12 .br 
    13 .B gdm-stop 
    14 .br 
    15 .B gdm-restart 
    16 .br 
    17 .B gdm-safe-restart 
    1911GDM is a replacement for XDM, the X Display Manager. Unlike its 
    2012competitors (X3DM, KDM, WDM) GDM was written from scratch and 
    2315See for more details. 
    2517.B gdm 
    26 is just a script that runs the actual 
    27 .B gdm-binary 
    28 executable. 
    29 .B gdm-stop 
    30 is a script that stops the current running daemon immediately, 
    31 .B gdm-restart 
    32 restarts the current daemon immediately and 
    33 .B gdm-safe-restart 
    34 restarts the current daemon after everyone has logged out. 
     18is main executable. 
    3519.B gdmsetup 
    3620is a graphical tool for easily changing the most commonly 
    3721used options. 
    4327.SH OPTIONS 
    4428.B gdm 
    4529and thus also 
    46 .B gdm-binary 
     30.B gdm 
    4731accept the following options: 
    4933.BI \-nodaemon 
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